Pintxos workshop


A unique food experience in the form of a cooking workshop led by an experienced chef. In different teams, you will prepare the most delicious pintxos and learn more about this Basque gastronomic tradition.


What to expect?

A cooking workshop guided by an experienced chef. You will learn about the history and gastronomic concept of pintxos. You will also have the opportunity to taste different pintxos and enjoy a delicious matching cider. The cooking workshop takes the form of a competition: the group will be split into different teams, whereas each team is responsible for the preparation of its own pintxos. You will be advised by our chefs on the design the pintxos and the selection of the products. Like true Masterchefs, each team eventually presents its homemade pintxos to the judges!


Useful information

  • Possible on a daily basis (duration 1.5 hour)
  • Price €60 for each person
  • Suitable for groups of at least 20 people
  • Location in the city centre of Valencia
  • Including all food and drinks (2x aperitif and 4x pintxos)
  • Including chef´s uniform and cookware 
  • Guided by an experienced chef


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